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We cater for any level of skill and we are always on the lookout for more participants, so please don't hesitate to contact one of our Committee members for further information.

Players/Team Managers/Captains should advise Committee prior to taking the court if they have any players with medical conditions (name of team, name of player, medical condition, and whether player has any medication on standby in case of emergency).


There are 2 seasons per year - Season 1 starts in Summer, and Season 2 starts in Winter (no games during school holidays or on Public Holidays).  Games are played at Aqualink Box Hill. 


Season Regular Games Semi Final Prelim Final Grand Final No. of matches
Season 1 - 2020 04/02/20 - 02/06/20 09/06/20 16/06/20 23/06/20 16 + 3 finals
Season 2 - 2020 14/07/20 - 17/11/20 24/11/20 01/12/20 08/12/20 16 + 3 finals


Earliest game start time is 6:20pm, and last game start time depends on the number of teams entered in our competition and court availability, and may be subject to change depending on those same factors.  In Season 2, 2019, the last game start time was 9:40pm.


Option 1: for Season 1 / Summer 2020 (16 matches) - half season game fees (8 matches) is $600 up front on the night of your first game - equates to $75/game.  The second half season fees for remaining 8 games ($600) would be due Round 8.  For this discount to apply, the fees need to be paid in ADVANCE or when requested by Treasurer.

Option 2: Pay $77 per game each week prior to playing.

Team Registration fee is $140

NB: Game fee during FINALS is $80 per game, and an independent scorer is provided.


Rules applying to late arrival will apply until the Game Fee has been paid, i.e. 1 goal per minute, match claimed after 8 minutes. Penalty goals will be deducted from the offending team. In the event of a forfeit, the forfeit fee applies to the team responsible for the delay. In the event of unforeseen circumstances and a scratch match is offered, in the interest of good sportsmanship, a scratch match will be played and normal playing fees will apply to both teams.


The second named team must provide an official scorer. Captains/Team Managers must list/tick the players who are playing that night.  The umpires are responsible for taking the completed score sheet to the Main Table at the conclusion of each match.


Unlimited number of substitutions and up to 12 players on the Score Sheets. Team Managers are responsible for notifying the opposing team. Players need to have played three games during the season to qualify for finals.


Penalty: 4 points


Players may only play UP a total of twice in any higher section.  Once a player has played three games in the higher section, they are then qualified for that section, and may not play in the lower section.


A team wishing to forfeit a match, is to notify the Secretary by 6pm on Monday evening or earlier if possible. Forfeits with less than 24 hours notice must also be notified via SMS to mobile number 0409 519 344.  The team must pay the forfeit fee of $150.00. If a month’s notice is given, a forfeit fee equivalent to single full game fee applies.  The forfeit fee must be paid before the team’s next scheduled game.


A team receiving a walkover can tick their players’ names on the score sheet at the table or phone/email the names through to the Secretary within 24 hours of the scheduled time of the game.  A forfeit in the final series will mean exclusion for all the finals.


Positional bibs must be worn (gold coin donation for borrowing bibs).  Team players should wear same color tops (shade variation allowed within reason, ie navy blue will pass as black, but won't pass as royal blue if the rest of the team is in royal blue), and same color bottoms, e.g. all black skirts or shorts. Incorrect uniform will incur a 2 goal penalty to the offending team for each breach of the rule from the beginning of the season (Round 1) ie there is no "grace" period.  NB:  the uniform rule applies to the whole season, including Finals.

  • Shorts worn must be pocketless, or have pockets sewn closed provided there are no gaps/holes (NB: taping pockets closed is unacceptable and will not be permitted on Court).
  • Leggings/bike shorts may be worn.
  • Trackpants and hats/caps may not be worn.


All injuries must be reported to the main table and an accident report form completed.  ESBNA is not responsible for any injuries sustained; players/umpires participate at their own risk and are responsible for their own insurance should they choose to be covered. 


Nails and all exposed body rings/studs to be taped with soft, flesh  coloured tape only. No Bandaids. Regulation Netball Gloves may be worn.


Seniors - a Certificate and token sweet will be awarded to qualified players participating in the Grand Final.  A collective donation is made to a charity on behalf of all senior grand finalists.
For Season 2, 2019, the $1,000 donation is for BrainLink Services. Teams are encouraged to provide suggested charities to the Committee for future donations.

All players, coaches and team managers should be familiar with the E.S.B.N.A.Inc By Laws,  Council By-Laws, Notes for Players and Blood Procedure Policy.  See your Team Manager for details.

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